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Used Cars For Sale Near You

The app exclusively searches CarMax dealerships, all of which have non-negotiable prices on their cars. Autotrader searches for new, used and certified pre-owned cars at dealerships near you and saves your selected cars to your My Autotrader profile. Car shoppers get a free vehicle history report on each car, plus pricing information and reviews. The app connects you with dealerships or private sellers by phone or email and lets you share cars you love with friends and family by text.

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Edmunds provides expert auto advice website and an arsenal of car pricing tools and calculators. Kelley Blue Book is a renowned source in the auto world. The website provides a broad spectrum of car tools, but its Car Buying app focuses on reviewing and pricing specific models and finding dealerships near you. TrueCar users search for their desired car and get a price breakdown based on what others paid for the same vehicle. The app accesses dealer, factory and partner incentives, including ones only TrueCar users get.

The cherry on top? The app sends your contact information and price quote to a network of over 13, TrueCar Certified Dealers, which means plenty of sales calls but also plenty of offers. Instamotor is a safer, easier version of Craigslist.

Used cars for sale in South Africa

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Best New Car Deals This Month

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Please call Member Services at Provided by and. Benefits of the Used Car Marketplace. Simplify your search Search by best-rated, price, type, year, make, model, and closest to your location. Access safety information Get the details on crash test scores, dealer specifics and much more. Gain valuable tips Learn how to get the car you want at the right price. Focus on Reliability. Narrow your shopping list by targeting models known for reliability, a virtue that becomes more important as a car ages and falls out of warranty. Know the Value of the Vehicle.

Condition, mileage, age, equipment levels, and the region all affect vehicle value. Know the true value of your candidate car, regardless of what the seller is asking.