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Lane County Assessment and Taxation Prop Info Report

Commissioner Search is a Lane County GIS Web application that enables users to find elected officials and political boundaries by a geographic area. Users can enter their address and a report is returned listing the information. Zone and Plan Maps is a Lane County GIS Web application that provides a user interface to view and query map layers pertaining to zoning, land use and planning. It requires a subscription for access. Our diversity of infrastructure and geography really spurs tourism in Lane County.

Tourism is very important, in that many of the businesses in Lane Country — the winery industry, for example — rely on it.

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Have any other parts of your economy expanded or grown? Construction has been a big part of our employment.

We also have a number of tech-based companies, which we expect to see more of in the future. Have these different areas of growth countered the general decline in the logging industry? Lane County is much more diversified now than it has been in the past.

Oregon Properties for Sale

Our housing recession started in , and ended in During that period, every sector except healthcare experienced losses in employment, and unemployment peaked at about 13 percent in Right now, unemployment is at or below four percent. Have real-estate valuations bounced back as well? They have. Now, real-estate values approximately equal their peak in Your tax and assessment systems are integrated.

Westwood Homeowners Ass'n v. Lane County

How does that benefit the taxpayers of Lane County and other stakeholders, such as the school districts? We have 83 different taxing districts in Lane County, so we assess and collect for all 83 districts. These districts vary from the schools and cities to special districts fire and library, for instance , so Lane County itself only receives eleven cents for every dollar we collect.

As a courtesy, Lane County provides some technical support to seven other counties in Oregon.

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How does that relationship work in practice? Is it beneficial to all, or are there some downsides? Lane County TS Technology Services provides the primary IS Information Services support for the Eastern Oregon Counties and we Assessment and Taxation work with these counties on an as-needed basis for business process and conversion questions, and on the supplemental-user support side.

Tax Lien & Deed Property Research - Using GIS/Parcel Viewers

Following statewide legislative reform and facing resistance from anti-sprawl advocates, Lane County took years to develop a land-use plan acceptable to state regulators. Nickell carries a briefcase of files from his private surveying business to help describe to Eugene Weekly the process of legal lot verification.

From to the end of his career with Lane County in , Nickell was responsible for verifying legal lots for the county. Today, employing the knowledge he gained working for the county, he owns and operates a surveying company that helps landowners and developers navigate the legal lot verification system. They argue developers were granted lots based on preliminary decisions and that the process lacked transparency and thorough findings to back up the creation of new lots from historic deeds. But Nickell says that in his time with the county he never lost an appeal challenging his findings.

Nickell compares the process of searching for legal lots to an investigation. The main tools are the Assessment and Taxation Description Card and the binders and reels of property records held in the Deeds and Records office. By cross-referencing old property transaction dates with the details of the transactions, Nickell is able to determine whether landowners can establish new legal lots on their property.

Nickell says he usually knows if landowners are likely to find additional historical lots within an hour. When Nickell or another surveyor or land-use attorney find old legal lots, they fill out an application form with Lane County Land Management to have the lots recognized as separate legal lots. Neighbors are notified of these applications, but there is no public comment process and often little understanding of what the designation of new legal lots means.

Once lots are recognized by the county as separate entities, they are not guaranteed development rights, but they are subject to different land-use standards that can pave the way for new development with the potential for changing forested lots into McMansions.

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Lands that are zoned as forestland have restrictions on residential development that are meant to maintain forests and promote timber industry uses. Limiting lot sizes to 80 acres greatly reduces the development potential of properties, which is why rediscovering lots from the past can be a major boon for developers who want to build more houses. The restrictions that apply to larger lots do not apply in the same way to smaller lots created through the historical lot verification process.

If a landowner has historical lots approved on their property, each lot can be smaller than 80 acres and eligible for a new dwelling. At the development by the McDougals above LCC, one of the historical lots is from the turn of the 20th century. The lot will come back to life and undermine state zoning laws aimed at preserving forestland and limiting sprawl.

Search any address in Lane County, OR and find out who owns the property

Developers can create mini-subdivisions on lands that are supposed to be kept as forests, because once landowners have established multiple legal lots on a larger swath within their ownership, they can move the lots into a more development friendly configuration. In lands zoned for forest use, dwellings can be approved under certain restrictions described by state law.

Within the guidelines of state law, counties have the right to make more restrictive requirements but cannot be more lenient than state law, according to Gordon Howard, the community services manager for the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development DLCD. One area that is an issue for the DLCD in terms of maintaining forestlands for their intended use is template dwellings.

Template dwellings are one of the types of residential development that are allowed in forest zones.