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Also check professional licenses and other credentials for more detailed records into lawyers, doctors, contractors and other similarly licensed professionals. Idaho background checks are easy to do and will probably help you put your mind at ease. You can try getting a Idaho criminal background check from authorities in Idaho or use an online service to run an instant Idaho Background Check.

An Idaho Background Check offers a thorough search in Idaho public records and Idaho criminal records for:.

State of Idaho

In some counties, records pertaining only to those counties may date back even farther than the state records. In Idaho, birth certificates are considered legally confidential for years, and stillbirth, death, marriage, and divorce certificates are considered the same for 50 years.

To request vital records information, an individual or agency must fill out a certificate request form found on the Health and Welfare website or write a letter that includes all of the pertinent request information.

A National Criminal History Background Check - 2019

A photocopy of required identification and a check or money order for the certificate fee must also be included with the request. Gaining access to a wide range of public information is legal in Idaho.

Idaho Background Checks laws & HR compliance analysis

The public has the right to obtain many records maintained by state and local agencies. Knowing which records the public has access to can be helpful when conducting any kind of background check or private investigation. Start Your Records Search:. First Name.

Last Name. How far back do the records go? In , the Montana State Legislature established the central repository. Records maintained by the prison and the FBI have been transferred to the repository. Per MCA , unless required by federal law, expunging, purging, or destroying of criminal justice information is not required based on the length of time such records are held.

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What is the difference between a name-based search and a fingerprint-based search? Name-based searches have two weaknesses: False-positives - a record is returned on a person with the same name and numeric identifier provided in the request but who is not the subject of inquiry.

False-negatives - no match is erroneously returned because the name or numeric identifier in the record does not match the name or numeric identifier used in the inquiry. This can happen when an individual has multiple names or aliases, such as a married, maiden, adopted or goes by an assumed name. Fingerprint-based searches are more reliable than name-based searches because the criminal record is based on fingerprints cards taken from the individual upon arrest or court order.

When fingerprint cards are submitted for a search, they are scanned into the Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems AFIS , which compares the fingerprint image from the request against a database of fingerprint images from known criminal offenders. The results are positive biometric matches. How long does it take to obtain public criminal history record information?

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However, at times the response will indicate that the search is pending. Per MCA 5 , when a record is missing a final disposition, the repository must query the court for current information The record may be pending for no more than 3 business days after the initial request.

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What options do I have to get criminal history information by other means? You may submit a request by mail to:.

In addition to a name-based criminal history request, you can submit fingerprints to this same address for a search of the Western Identification Network WIN database. The Montana Department of Justice criminal history record check searches only public criminal history information from Montana.

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This is the official state of Montana public criminal record and our office will notarize it upon request. The information provided is accurate and current as of the day the search was run.